Island Breeze

by Miguel Romero

Released 2003
Released 2003
Takes you on a journey to paradise with white sandy beaches with red orange sunsets setting on shimmering blue waters.
What a way to live! Cruising and relaxing on the Caribbean, Bahamas and Cayman Islands - sipping on chilled tropical drinks while listening on the headphones to "ISLAND BREEZE".
This tranquil album is a peaceful journey through a windy evening on one of the most beautiful islands in the world.
Island Breeze has an assortment of tunes that relaxes, soothes and propitiates any tense day-
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"ISLAND BREEZE" is a smooth and mellow compilation revealing just some of the many spectrums of jazz. Tracks such as "Lingering Love" display vibes similar to Paul Hardcastle and the Jazzmasters sound, while other melodies such as "Dharma" and "Citizen of the World" contain the flavor of George Duke ear candy. If you've never taken a trip to the Islands, this CD is guaranteed to take you from the coast of Havana to the heart of Brazil.
- Debbie Rivera, Reaching Out